We Create


That Sell Stuff

The Services We Provide:

We plan, craft and deliver solutions for print, video and web all designed to elevate your brand and take your business to new heights.
From first concept of an idea, through to the ongoing support and enhancement of your website or product, we work with you every step of the way.

Print Design

Whether your business requires stationery or an extensive brochure, we manage the entire process from artwork to deliver. We have extensive experience designing logos, graphics for trade shows, 3-D illustrations, product catalogs and ads for publication.


And…. Action! We write, shoot and edit digital videos using high-end Panasonic and Sony 4k/HD digital cameras to deliver content in any desired form. This includes DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and videos for web delivery. We can offer drone services, too.


Our Nikon stills cameras can capture images that can be used for a variety of purposes including web, collateral materials, trade show displays, etc… Oh yeah, we can capture stills from drones as well.

Web Design & SEO

We specialize in WordPress and Joomla CMS web design solutions and hosting. The sites we build are fully responsive and optimized for smart phone and tablet use. We can integrate social media tie-ins and SEO solutions, too.

Designed To Meet Your Needs.

The first stage of our process is to think – often outside the box.  Our think team apply up to six factors that contribute to the makeup of your project – Brands, Connections, Ideas, Technology, Users, Design. Our experience shows these factors play a crucial role in the success of your goal.


Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun.


Target groups are becoming smaller, more specific and more agile. So the idea of “when do we tell what to whom” is becoming increasingly important.


Memorable design plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands – no matter where in the process you are.


If we want to be a step ahead of where consumers are nowadays, technology is a key success factor.


We know that a great idea is only a great idea if the user is willing and able to interact with it. Strategy and design in motion.


We think outside the box. You get powerful tools to help sell more of your product or service. It’s really that simple!

What Folks Have To Say.

We are grateful for the relationships and kind words of those with whom we’ve worked over the years.

“Christopher does a terrific job of creating our marketing pieces. He also has a wonderful ability to create on a moment’s notice when necessary. He has to juggle a lot of balls and he manages to keep everything in order and moving forward. He is very creative and what he creates is very professional. Thanks Chris for everything that you do!”

Sunshine Tartter

“I have know Chris for 30 years. He has one of the most creative minds that I have ever come across. He has a unique ability to take an abstract idea and work with until it becomes a well thought out and thoroughly creative plan. On a personal side, Chris is also a very ethical and focused individual.”

Robert Mater
1st Source Bank

“Chris has assisted with creative and strategic marketing for us for several years. Always a pleasure to work with, he is creativity personified and has the ability to think outside the box in problem solving.”

Ron Wilson
Business Consultant